Caithness Gigs was set up in May 2013 to promote music industry activity and concerts in the Caithness area. We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, run by two experienced promoters – Ryan Cook and Ally Gray.

Ryan Cook

Ryan is the founder and promoter of Bfest music festival in Wick; a 3,000 capacity family-oriented event held in August each year since 2010, and has extensive experience of promoting concerts in Caithness.

Ally Gray

Ally is Managing Director and co-founder of digital distributors EmuBands, as well as a board member of the Scottish Music Industry Association and a music industry mentor for the Music+ project. As well as digital distribution, Ally has experience in concert promotion and artist management, and regularly lectures at colleges and universities on both the music industry in general and digital distribution specifically.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Caithness Gigs, please get in touch.

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